Let's find our way together through this crazy, beautiful profession of teaching, shall we?


Courtney L. Cochran, is a National Board Certified Spanish teacher in Van Buren, Arkansas, and the 2017 Arkansas Teacher of the Year. She has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University. Courtney has spent the past eleven years building a variety of programs in the Van Buren School District, including the AP Spanish and Spanish for Heritage Learners programs.

Cochran has been an active member and often leader of several professional organizations, ranging from Parent Involvement Facilitator, to Secretary of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, to District III Director of the Arkansas Foreign Language Teachers Association (AFLTA). As an member of the AFLTA Advocacy Team, she helped initiate collaborative work on the Arkansas Biliteracy Award. She passionately promotes the 21st century skill of global competence; teacher preparation, empowerment, and advancement; and equitable access to education for every student in every classroom.

Courtney Cochran is currently on sabbatical as the Arkansas Teacher of the Year, visiting and learning from teachers all across Arkansas and the nation, and serving as a non-voting member of the Arkansas Board of Education.

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