As the Director of AFLTA District III, my goal for this year’s Winter Conference is to make the sharing of ideas as easy as possible. The more we share, the more we impact student learning. This idea goes hand in hand with the theme for this year’s conference: Your World; Your Impact.

Ms. Cynthia Bailey has an awesome “Proficiency Potluck” session set up for participants to share ideas for making proficiency and skills the focus of the classroom. Click here for some of my favorite resources for this topic.

Dr. Freddie Bowles will offer us strategies to engage interpersonal skills for L2 interaction in her session “Interactive Strategies for Language Development.” I can’t wait to learn more!

In our second breakout of the day, Ms. Sheila Bayles and Ms. Christie Bates are going to show us how easy it is to incorporate the ACTFL Can-Do Statements into your curriculum in their session “Everyday ACTFL.” Ms. Lisa Sabir and Ms. Cynthia Bailey will show us how to turn classroom behavior into a game with Classcraft, while Ms. Jennifer Blakney and Ms. Ariana Caballero will lead us through alternatives to traditional instructional practices in “The Experimental Teacher Next Door.”

After our immersion sessions in the afternoon, Will Davis will hold a session on the exciting new Arkansas Biliteracy Award and tell the participants how they can get their students started on their path towards the award.

At the same time, we will have an “UnConferencing” Session. Some proposed topics from our survey are listed below. Click on them to find ideas and resources!

Incorporating Technology

Authentic Resources

Recruiting High School Students to be WLAN Teachers

I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing community of World Language educators. Great things are happening in District III!