one-wordAdmittedly, this is my very first time to declare a One Word. In the past, I was always too scared (foreshadowing, in case you missed it) to limit myself to just one goal. I have always loved perusing others’ “words” throughout the month of January, though, and today I ran across something that really spoke to me.



@GetOneWord tweeted this sage advice:


Coincidentally, as of late, I had been making a mental list of the crazy feelings inside of me- all bearing down on me with the promise of new adventures on the horizon.


The list may not be what you would expect. In fact, I have to really swallow my pride to even share this with you. After all, I embarked on this journey so that I could reach more students, impact more learning, and support and empower more teachers. Now I have the opportunity of a lifetime to reach those goals. What could possibly go wrong? Well, here is a short list of some of those poisonous feelings that could steer it all wrong:

I feel weak.

I feel powerless.

I feel inadequate.

I feel unsure.

I feel scared.

Clearly, these are all things that I DON’T need. These are all feelings that are definitely in my way. What needs to go? ALL OF IT.

So my #OneWord for 2017, my very first #OneWord ever, is FEARLESS. I have recognized that I am human and that my fears are holding me back from achieving my goals. Now I realize that I must be brave– brave in the face of a changing career, a changing world, and a changing life. I owe it to myself, my family, and the teachers and students of my great state.

I just have one request of you. Will you join me on my 2017 Arkansas Teacher of the Year journey? I will be sharing my learning here, my Facebook group, and on Twitter (@ProfeCochran). Will you learn alongside me and keep me focused on my mission?

Feliz 2017, everyone. Let’s be FEARLESS together!