Lately I have been working really hard to develop meaningful activities with tons of repetition for my students. I’d like to share a couple of them with you right now!

  1. TWEDYAWTS (To What Extent Do You Agree With This Statement)- My father, a veteran history teacher of nearly 30 years, recently shared this acronym with me (after all of these years?!).  In Spanish, I call it an “AQGEDCED” (A qué grado estás de acuerdo con esta declaración). I have been using it a little differently than the history teachers; I turned it into a four corners activity: “Estoy de acuerdo,” “…más o menos,”…un poco,” “No estoy de acuerdo.”
    Here are the statements I’ve used in some of my classes.
  2. “Famous Pairings”– I have only done this activity with food, but it was a huge success and I think it can be done with many different topics. Here are the rules:
    Round 1- The teacher tapes words on the backs of all students (variation: use headbands and “strap” the words to their foreheads). The students partner-up and ask questions (model beforehand and give various phrases that could be used to ask the questions) to find out what their word is. Since we were using foods, we reviewed words like salty, sweet, hot, and sour. I also reminded them that they could ask if it is a fruit, vegetable, meat, dairy, yellow, red, green, etc. And of course I reminded them of the all-important question “¿Con qué lo comes?” (with what do you eat it).
    Round 2- once everyone has figured out their food, I number the students by fours and send them to all four corners of the room.  This is simply to get them up and moving and SEPARATED. I then tell them that the first ones to find their “famous food pairings” WINS! At the end, we go around the room tell what each pair is in English. This brings tons of laughs as the students easily realize words that they didn’t previously recognize. It’s a great way to make mental connections, too.  Here is my “Famous Food Pairings” list, in case you are interested.

Here are some other ways I have been “getting in” my repetitions:

The World Language Classroom has many great interpersonal resources on Teachers Pay Teachers that REALLY work.  They don’t take tons of explanation before the activity either. This is a great way to spend a few dollars! Here is a great example of one of those activities.

We have been using TONS of authentic resources to pick out words that fall under our topics.
Here  and here are some activities that I have developed to go along with those authentic resources.

What about you; how do you get in your “reps”?

Buena suerte,

Profe C