For a couple of years, now, I have used Parthena Draggett’s student homework chart for finding authentic resources and reflecting upon them.  This is an excellent resource that is found in Parthena Draggett’s AP authorized syllabus.  I quickly learned, however, that my students would not put the time and effort into finding and reflecting upon five different resources each week, with at least one print, one audio, and one audiovisual source. I would much rather have quality work from my students than a bunch of fabricated, half-way done  Over time I changed my requirements to “one article a week from a Spanish-speaking news source.” On Fridays we sit in a circle and discuss our findings. This has worked out very well for us so far.

It dawned on me this year that I could easily push my students’ thinking, language, and AP habits while doing this activity.  This weekly homework lends itself very well to the Oral Cultural Comparison that is the last component of the AP Spanish Language and Culture test.

This is the new chart that my students will complete and discuss for the first time this week:

Article research

Click on the picture for the PDF, or click here for the editable version.

My students love this part of the week, because it is very relaxed and we just get to talk in Spanish about the things that interest them the most.  This year, when they get to the presentational speaking portion of the exam, it should feel completely natural to them!


Buena suerte,

Profe C.