Don’t you feel like this world could use a little more love?  That’s why, this week, I’ll be posting a new freebie each day!

Tonight, I’m just barely getting this in in time to call it freebie #4! I apologize for the delay.

Today was great fun in class. We wrote our rough drafts for a Valentine’s card. The students chose the recipient based on some information about colors- more on that tomorrow.

For this task, the students chose 1 saludo, at least 2 “frases extras”, 3 comparaciones, 2 deseos, and 1 despedida.

Oh, you can imagine all of the glorious letters we ended up with!

Here is the sheet I gave them with suggestions for their letters.

Buena suerte!

Profe C.

NOTE: There is a typo on this freebie. Despedido should be despedida! You may want to make a note of that or tell your students.