Don’t you feel like this world could use a little more love?  That’s why, this week, I’ll be posting a new freebie each day!

Today’s freebie accompanies the song “Mi Princesa” by Victor Muñoz. The music video is absolutely beautiful, and my kids LOVE it!

We watched the video, then we brainstormed adjectives that describe good friends.

We discussed what kind of friend each student would want using the structure “Quiero un/a amigo/a que sea…”.

Then I introduced “que tenga” and we circled that structure for a bit.

We used Zachary Jones’s Cancionero for the song, in the ebook Cancionero 2012.

Next, we practiced the structure using this activity sheet: Practicing hopes and desires with Mi Princesa by Victor Munoz.

Last, we followed up with the Zachary Jones Twiccionario sheets #quierounanoviaque and #quierounnovio

Let me know if you have any other ideas about how to improve this lesson!

Buena suerte,

Profe C