Don’t you feel like this world could use a little more love?  That’s why, this week, I’ll be posting a new freebie each day!

Today’s freebie is a worksheet to accompany a commercial for Kellog’s Krave cereal in Mexico.

The link is at the top of the “worksheet”. I was in a hurry when I put this together, so please go easy on me!

Here’s how I used it in class:

First we reviewed our comparison phrases by separating the class into girls and boys, different ages, etc.

Then we look at symbols and synonyms for the words conquistar, regalar, pedir, and invitar.

We then watched the commercial, listening specifically for these words and the words from our unit opener packet.

Next, we watched the commercial and listed other words that we recognized.

Finally, we filled in the activity sheet.

You’ll need to brainstorm some adjectives to use in the comparison phrases at the bottom of the page. Some adjectives that my students came up with were  romántico, amable, amoroso, and elegante.

You may also need to provide an example for them!

There are a few more of these commercials, with which you could use the worksheet again and again!


Buena suerte,

Profe C.