Just so you know, the Alimenta tu cuerpo crossword has two typos. #4 and #8 should have “la” as the definite article. Also, on the interpersonal card game, “broccoli” is mispelled. You should correct it to “brocol” or “brocoli” if you use it. The Alimenta Tu Cuerpo infographic has about six errors. I used this as a learning opportunity with my Spanish for Heritage Learners class!

I am so excited with how my “Una Vida Sana” unit is going, y’all (sorry, I slip into my southern dialect when I get really emotional)!

My level one students are infusing “sin embargo” and “por lo menos” into their writing and speaking (very exciting) and I think things are really going to get “kicked up a notch” when we have our game day tomorrow!

I can’t tell you how much I needed a unit like this. I was really feeling so downtrodden about not doing the best job that I think I can, and this has really helped me switch gears and settle into a more positive mindset.

I have updated the materials and I have added a Powerpoint for week one, in case you want to try this unit out in the future. All of the week one materials except for a few paid-for items are in the folder.

I hope you are having a wonderful start to 2015!

Buena suerte,

Profe C