One of my “titles” at my school is Parent Involvement Facilitator. This is my first year with the title and it has taken me quite some time to acquaint myself with everything required of me!

Among many other responsibilities, I am required to send out a weekly newsletter to all of the parents of our schools’ students (1400+ students!). You can bet that if one thing is not perfect, those parents let me know immediately.

To take some of the guesswork out of the task, I’ve created a template that will be easy to complete each week. I couldn’t find a more “grown up” version of a newsletter on Teachers Pay Teachers, so I spent all day making my own!

If you are someone who is interested in sending out newsletters regularly to high school students, then you might be interested in my templates, too.  You can find them here, in my TpT store.

Happy “involving”! 🙂

Profe C