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When school starts back in January, I am going to try something that I have heard a lot about, but never been able to buy into. I’m going to teach the same unit across four different levels, differentiating the input only slightly, and expecting very different outcomes from all four levels. I still don’t have the guts to try it with my AP group, because we have a serious test coming up and I have a reputation to uphold!

The unit that I will use is one I am going to call “Como vivir una vida sana.”  It is based off the unit plan Well-being: A Balanced Lifestyle, by Clementi and Terrill. This unit will be a rather lengthy unit, divided into three different parts: healthy eating and exercise, daily routines, and the famous Spanish Siesta. The end goal is to have students be able to make recommendations to someone based on the way they feel (as an interpersonal assessment), and to create and present an infographic to inform the public about healthy habits (as a presentational assessment). My expectations for output on these assessments will, of course, vary from level to level.

I’m going to kick off the unit with a little New Year’s Resolution freewrite, which comes to us from the awe-inspiring Zambombazo site by Zachary Jones.  I will also use a few more of his activities, which can be found in the Salud unit on his site.

The rest of the materials are mostly created by Neil Jones (neiljones.org- is it just a coincidence that these two language-teaching powerhouses have the same last name?), but some are resources that were curated by the wonderful Bethanie Drew of nuevasaventuras.wordpress.com.

Here are the files that I have put together thus far, but keep in mind that the unit plan is far from complete.

By the way, my new year’s resolution is to eat more blueberries and spinach!

What’s yours?

Feliz año nuevo,

Profe C.