About a month ago, I ran across a beautiful poem on NPR, Facts about the Moon by Dorianne Laux. I fell in love instantly.

Today, as the next step in a very long unit on immigration and the American dream in my Spanish for Heritage Learners Class, we were supposed to begin watching Bajo La Misma Luna. I plan on using this movie to give students another viewpoint now that they have finished reading circles with books like Cajas de Cartón, Rumbo al Hermoso Norte, Cuando Era Puertorriqueña, La Casa En Mango Street, and others (the reading circles did not go well; more on that later). They will then compare the point of view from the movie with the point of view in the book that they read, in order to complete a synthesis essay.

As per usual, as I was getting ready to put in my movie and I could not find it anywhere. Am I the only person to whom this happens.  The students were working on a pre-viewing activity, and as I was walking around the room, looking at questions and striking up thought-provoking discussion (i.e, stalling), the question “What do you think the significance of the moon is in this movie?” jumped out at me.  And then it hit me: MOTHER MOON! I played the audio of the poem, albeit in English, and it gave an insight to the pain of a mother that is personified beautifully in the moon herself.

So here it is, a great source for getting the mind-juices flowing prior to viewing Bajo la misma luna!

CAUTION: STOP THE AUDIO just after she says

and you want
to slap her back to sanity, remind her
of the truth

Because I didn’t.  And it was embarrassing!