What would I do as a teacher if I had no fear?

All day I have mulled this idea over in my head, repeatedly coming to the realization that so much fear holds me back  from even just answering this question on my public blog.

If I had no fear, I would get training so that I could stage workshops for parents, to help them understand what it means to raise a teenager. The frustrations they experience are real and shared with all other parents of teenagers. I would try to help them come to the realization that, in search of someone to blame for their children’s actions, they can take solace in the fact that they are raising their children to be adults, not children for life. I would have psychologists come in and explain proven techniques to help them deal with this transitional period.

If I had no fear, I would go right to the heart of the latino population in our community and say, “why aren’t you mad?! Why don’t you raise up and fight for your and your children’s rights in our schools?!” I would lead them into to the school, introduce them to all of their children’s teachers, and open up a dialogue. These people ARE the community, too. My colleagues need to recognize their significance and their influence.

If I had no fear, I would park my car at a local elementary school and walk up to that teacher who I witnessed grab a latino boy and yank him by the arm as he stepped out of his father’s vehicle, and I would ask her to her face, “what do you think you are trying to prove? Who is this behavior helping, you or the boy?”

If I had no fear, I would unleash this anger and disappointment in my colleagues’ and neighbors’ repeated attempts to cover up anything but that which they see as “clean” and “pure” and (big quotation marks here) “traditional”. I would put my passionate emotions towards fighting for these practically indefensible, underrepresented groups.

And just what am I waiting for? For the fear to go away?


Buena suerte,

Profe C.