On day 26, TeachThought asked: What are your 3 favorite go-to site for help/tips/resources in your teaching?

For help, I turn to Twitter. Hashtag Langchat.

For tips, I turn to three main blogs:

Sarah-Elizabeth Cottrell’s Musicuentos blog/resources
Amy Lenord’s The Language Coach blog/resources
Laura Sexton’s Sra. Spanglish blog/resources

But there are sooo many more that I turn to; I could go on for hours! Allison Weinhold, Martina Bex, Marisha Hawkins…instead of rambling, I’ll just have you look to the right. Let me introduce you to my blogroll. Blogroll, meet blog reader. Enjoy!

For resources, I have one main go-to-guy (as most Spanish teachers will tell you) and his name is ZACHARY JONES! I also search #authres on Twitter, or go to my Teacher Resources page.


Buena suerte!

Profe C.