On day 29, TeachThought asks: How have you changed as an educator?

Wow, how could I possibly describe my changes as an educator in one blog post? I guess I’ll have to keep it short and simple.

In 2013, I embarked on the journey of National Board Candidacy. This single act took my teaching from the dark ages into modern times. In less than two years time I learned that I had been teaching to myself, I had expected too much, I had expected the wrong things, and I had essentially failed my students. I knew, previously, that what I was doing wasn’t working. Every year I changed my tactics, trying, trying, and still failing. Finally, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards reared its head into my life, and the light came on. The questions asked of me led me to the research, and the research put into practice provided the physical proof. Now my students are reflecting, self-assessing, and progressing along in their proficiency levels with little more than facilitation from me. Gone are the days of producing graduates who can merely conjugate a verb in various tenses. Now I am sending speakers, readers, writers, and listeners of the Spanish language out into the world.

And now they want to keep learning.

Buena suerte,

Profe C.