This is a picture of my children that we took at the beach this summer. Do you see that ship way off in the distance? This is my husband’s favorite part of the picture; in his opinion, it makes the picture absolutely perfect.

My teaching career resembles this ship in so many ways. That ship is barely noticeable, it is so far away. But it is there. It is not completely lost. And one must think, sooner or later, that ship will make it ashore.

So often I feel so isolated in my methodologies, in my physical distance from people with similar teaching methods, and just in general as a teacher in one of the lesser-valued content areas. But I’m still visible. I am making every attempt to get closer and closer to the shore. I want to get closer to my colleagues, to bring them to the shore, too. I want to get closer to the like-minded people. I want to get closer to the “mainstream” subjects, and make those teachers understand how much alike we are, and how our differences don’t warrant stranding foreign language at sea. The differences in my classroom could be the factors that help students to better succeed at school and at life in general.

Sometimes I feel like I am drifting further away. But then I get to join in on #Langchat on Thursday nights, and the world is right again! The wind is back in my sails.