Leave it to Te@chThought to throw a curveball out of nowhere on day 17. Wow. What do I think is the most challenging issue today?

Well, here goes. I think the most challenging issue today is that we have fallen drastically behind in our test scores compared to all other countries. I know all of the arguments. Yes, we have to test them all. No, not everyone else does. And so on, and so forth. But when are we going to stop making excuses? When are we going to say, “hey, this is truly an issue of national security”. Instead of “Rival school A outscored Rival school B”. The issue is that Finland outscored EVERYONE. And that we are, what, 19 places behind THEM?!

Granted, I know, in writing this, that I am literally preaching to the choir. So how do we do it? How do we, the reflective ones, reach the non-reflective ones? The “deaf” ones, so to speak?

Maybe that’s our biggest issue. Trying to find a way to reach out to our brethren, shake them by the shoulders, and say “WAKE UP. WE’RE LOSING THE BATTLE. NOW IS OUR TIME TO FIGHT.”

Buena suerte,

Profe C.