Tech Tools for Education
Tech Tools for Education

People in my school know me as a pretty tech savvy kind of teacher. I think this is sort of humorous, but when I look around me, I don’t see just a whole lot of people using technology in a truly meaningful way. I’m ok with that, because I don’t think technology should be used purely for the sake of using it. I think it should only be used if it adds something to the learning. Even then, I like to Keep It Simple… 🙂

That said, I do use technology regularly because there are a lot of things that really do benefit student learning.

1. Google. All things Google. Have you completed the Google basic training? There is no excuse not to. Go here this weekend and DO IT!
You think you know how to “google”, I promise you have no idea. You think you know how to use gmail, I promise you have NO idea. You think Google Calendar is pretty cut-and-dry, I promise you have NO idea of all of the uses and the cool things you can do! Besides of how amazing each individual Google tool (or app) is, just the mere practicality of Google Drive, all of the storage, the interconnectedness of all of the programs…I just can’t live without it. I even switched to Google Classroom from Edmodo. It’s so easy to keep all of my students in one place- upload to drive, link in your Google Site eportfolio, turn in on Google Classroom. I love Edmodo and I miss being able to contact my students with it and the professional connections aspect of it. But for now, Edmodo and I have to break up (maybe just a temporary break) so I can spend more time with Google Classroom. My next goal: become a Google Certified Educator.

2. YouTube. As a foreign language teacher, I cannot put enough emphasis on how important YouTube is to me, as an endless source of authentic resources. It is invaluable to me. Oh wait, I guess maybe this falls under the title of “Google” as well.

3. Remind. I know this is basic, but this program is crucial for me to communicate safely for my students, and communication is a huge priority.

I love all kinds of other tech tools like Poll Everywhere, Socrative, Kahoot, Zondle, ThinkLink, Piktochart…see my Resources for Teachers page for more info. But the three listed above, I absolutely cannot live without!

Buena suerte,

Profe C.