How do I envision my teaching changing in the next 5 years?

Just yesterday my principal asked me if I was taking classes. I told him no, and he gave me a wonderful compliment, saying that he thought I would make a great administrator. As the daughter of three educators –my step-dad is an administrator– and a family full of teachers, I know that administration is not as shiny and precious on the inside as it looks from the outside. Besides, I really love teaching and I don’t think I would know what to do without my students!

On the other hand, I am really enjoying trying to find ways to “teach” my intern right now. She is phenomenal in the classroom, but trying to find ways to ask her think deeply about what is best for student learning is really a challenge for me. I LOVE a challenge!

Could the next five years be the part of my career when I begin an academic pursuit to find ways to reach out and improve instruction by helping other teachers reflect and improve? Or in five years will I still be working towards perfecting my current role of teaching five different classes? It could easily take five years or more! Will I be working more on my role as Parent Involvement Facilitator in five years? Maybe I will make an amazing breakthrough in this area and will be granted an extra hour or two during the day to devote to this job? Perhaps in 5 years, I will be a trained OPI test administrator, and I will fill my days testing language proficiencies in order to determine best placement for our World Language students.

Truth be told, what happens in the next five years hinges on one thing: whether or not I receive my National Board Certification. Only a couple of more months until I find out! If I have to keep working on it, I will feel honored for having the opportunity to do so. But it will definitely be a determining factor in the outlook of my next five years!

Buena suerte,

Profe C.