photo This is my classroom, empty, at 5:00pm on a Friday. My day paid work week ended three hours ago; all of the students left campus about two to two and a half hours ago. But here I sit, still working, still worrying, still planning, cleaning, organizing, neglecting my own husband and three children so that I can provide my students- all five “preps” worth of them- with a valuable, worthwhile, skill that I truly believe can give them a better future.

What would I like to see in my classroom? I’d like less mess, more organization. But with five completely different classes to prepare for (2 sections of pre-AP Spanish 2, 1 section of Pre-AP Spanish 1, 1 section of pre-AP Spanish 3, 1 section of pre-AP Spanish for Native Speakers, and 1 section of AP Spanish Language and Culture), I just don’t ever see that happening!

To end this blog post, I’m wishing MY OWN SELF: