On Day 4 of the Te@chThought #reflectiveteacher 30 Day Blog Challenge we have been tasked with writing about what we love the most about teaching. This is sort of like the subject of technology for me- how could I pick just one thing?

I’m going to break down my love for teaching into three different areas:

1. The students. I teach high school, and at this age, the students are such a complete MESS. For them to be able to rise up out of the tangled web of emotions, physical change, social distress, hatred/simultaneously supreme love of their parents, and a whole slew of other crazy messes, and actually think deeply and critically is a true MARVEL. I love being able to (try to) guide them through this stressful identity-crisis-stricken time in their life. Teenagers are just babies in almost-adult bodies, and when a teacher taps into that dichotomy and truly understands the stress they are experiencing, great academic things can happen.

2. My colleagues. I love my school. I love working with the other professionals in my building, all the way from the custodians who keep us clean and organized to the administrators and administrative assistants. I love sharing ideas and helping each other grow and learn and create and amaze our students with our collective desire to make the school a better place. I have to extend this love to my PLN, LangChat. Without this rather large, and extremely supportive group of educators all over the world, I would not be where I am today.

3. Learning and growing. Yes, this goes hand-in-hand with number 2, but this is such a great part of the teaching profession! I love being pushed to learn more and become better at my job. Again, without the support of my colleague, both local and abroad, this would not be possible!

What do you love about teaching, or your own career?

Buena suerte,

Profe C