Just one piece…this is something I tell myself DAILY. Just one piece of chocolate, just one piece of pizza, just one bite of ice cream. It never works.  I’m thinking maybe there’s a self control issue going on here?

Today’s 30-day Te@chThought Blog Challenge theme is “one piece of technology that you want to use this year.” Still, I’m thinking to myself, “Just one piece…?”

If I have to pick just one, I’ll go with Twitter. I’ve already used Twitter for professional purpose for over a year now (The name of my amazing PLN is #LangChat), but now I’m beginning to use it with my students.

Tonight we have our first district-wide Student Chat in the target languages of all of the foreign languages taught in our district.  To say we are excited is DEFINITELY an understatement!

Of course, not all of our students have Twitter, so that means we will also become very familiar with Today’s Meet, another amazing resources for class chats and backchanneling. Learn more here.

In October, two of my colleagues and I are presenting to the Arkansas Foreign Language Teachers Association state conference on the benefits of collaborating through Twitter PLNs. We plan on setting up quarterly Arkansas Foreign Language Teacher Twitter chats there, too. Hold on to your hats, Tweeps!!!

What’s your technology focus this year?

Buena suerte,

Profe C