¡Bienvenidos a mi primera publicación en mi nuevo blog!

I have a long list of goals for next school year, so to hold myself accountable I am going to post them PUBLICLY!

1. Organize student portfolio system using Google Sites.

This is probably my largest undertaking. Right now I am working my way through all of the tutorials. I need to make a page on this new blog just for portfolio information for the students including tutorials, guidelines, and expectations.

2. Develop new and/or improved curriculum for ALL FIVE (yes, five) classes.

Some of this will happen after AP training this summer. I always get great ideas from the AP Institute. I know that I want to have set units with “I Can” statements for cultural events year-round. The rest of the units I would like to have planned, but let the students decide what they want to learn and when. I want to have a pretty solid curriculum map to hand to students in August so they will know exactly where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going.

3. Have organizational tools ready before the year starts.

Some of the things I know I want to do are: Stamp sheets for “I Can” statements like the ones from The Creative Language Class ; Parent letter to ask for parent/community involvement; Student/parent contract expressing understanding of the direct link between class grade and the amount and quality of target language spoken (via “págames” and performance and proficiency based assessments); and Color/shape/number group organizational tools (another idea borrowed from The Creative Language Class).

4. Infographics for syllabi and rules.

The syllabus will be embedded in the blog and the rules will be printed out as a poster!

5. Begin preparing videos for the digital classroom.

I have recently been enlightened on the need for a digital classroom. It’s no secret that some students need extra help and practice, but other students feel a need for further instruction so they can move faster and satisfy their craving for things that we don’t do in class (i.e. in-depth grammar instruction). The digital classroom can cover all of these things. I plan to collaborate with another teacher in my school on this flipped-style classroom. Hopefully he will hold me accountable!

6. Oh I almost forgot! The Classroom Library!

Students will gain proficiency more rapidly through the implementation of the new class library based on proficiency levels. This is the goal that I am the most excited about! I’ve already begun labeling books and logging them into my classroom.booksource.com account. I can’t wait to show students how much they really can read and understand with this library. Each Monday will be Lectura Lunes, with 20 minutes of SSR (silent sustained reading), which will be all student choice (within their level). Students will log their thoughts about what they read each Monday. I will also use this time to work with individuals on reading comprehension strategies that will help them in other classes, as well.

Wooo! These are some lofty goals! Combined with AP recalibration, AIMM training, and Intern training for my fall intern, this is going to be one busy summer!


Felices vacaciones a todos,