Our Spanish 2 class is difficult.  We don’t always see eye to eye.  Spanish does not come easy to them.  They don’t necessarily feel that it is as important or relevant to their lives as I do.  They will see this, and read it, and it’s ok because we are all on the same page.  And they know that I am doing everything I can to make my class a truly valuable learning experience for them.

Today, after nearly six weeks of working on the same goal of “talk about an emergency event that happened in the past” and searching for every possible method that would help them reach this goal, we finally had a really good day!

I took an idea from “Mrs. Sporn’s Class Blog” and turned into something that really helped to engage my students.

First I made folders with varying pictures and lines for students to write.

Next, I put the desks in a circle, with one writing folder per desk.  Students came in and were not allowed to look at the folders (suspense!).

Third, I told the students that they had 1 minute open the folder and to start a story on the first line.

musical chairs writing1


After the minute was up, I put on music (Zoe, because I really like them and they sing in the TL), and the students walked around the circle of desks until I stop the music.

musical chairs writing2


We repeated this nine times.  It sounds a little repetitive, yes?  It didn’t feel that way, though!  The students loved the opportunity to get up and move; they really loosened up and had a good time.  The length of the song time varied, which also built suspense, and the moving engaged the bodily-kinesthetic portion of their brains.

At the end, students were all eager to share the very goofy stories that they ended up with.  We all had a hardy laugh.  We also got to raise some important teaching points, for example, we say “Yo choqué,”  not “Yo cho“.

Tomorrow I plan on posting some of these products to process what was gained and what we can notice about students’ progress toward the learning target.


Buena suerte!

Profe C