This week I had the pleasure of hosting many native, bilingual speakers in my class.  Arvest Bank here in town sent numerous, wonderful speakers.  It was an amazing experience!  We had one surgeon from our area, Dr. Padilla, who also came to speak to my students.

My Pre-AP Spanish 2 classes are studying within the context of professions right now.  It is also Discover Languages month.  This provided a great situation to discuss the importance and the advantages of being bilingual.  What we didn’t expect was all that we would discover in the way of cultural comparisons.  My students learned all about the differences between schools in Latin American and the US.  They also learned from one speaker what it is like to study abroad!

Here are some pictures from our amazing experience:

speakers 1

speakers 2


I was fascinated to hear that my contact, Alex Sanchez (pictured above) is from Puebla, Mexico, where I studied abroad!!


speakers 3


This picture is especially important to me.  This chica fantastica is one of my former, high-achieving, AP Spanish “babies”.  She is so well-spoken, and beautiful to boot!

Thank you, Arvest Bank  and Dr. Padilla, for this fantastic opportunity!


Profe C