February is Discovering Languages Month, and our World Language Department is planning many fun events to promote Foreign Language Learning!

  1. Friday, Jan 31 the students conducted a school wide Language Pop Quiz at the end morning announcements.  That afternoon the teachers ambushed the community with a Community Language Pop Quiz.  We had so much fun!  Results will be published soon.
  2. Monday, Feb 3: school-wide viewing of the Lead with Languages video.  We hope that teachers will take a moment to share their experiences with languages other than English, good or bad!  The link to the video is: http://vimeo.com/77166262
  3. Every Monday evening at 5 o’clock, we will host a Foreign Language “movie night” in the rooms T3 and T4.  We will show a different Academy Award nominated foreign film each Monday during the month of February.  Movie titles and showing times will be posted in the commons.  Students have written permission from parents to enter.
  4. Each Saturday during the month of February, students in Foreign Language classes will be reading stories in foreign languages at the Van Buren Public Library.  This is an awesome opportunity!  Thanks to Mrs. Blakney for putting it together.  Bring your children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews!
  5. Look for student-made posters by the Foreign Language classes promoting Foreign Language Learning in the hallways of the school during the month.  Scan the QR codes for cool videos and websites!
  6. Some Spanish classes will have visitors from the bilingual professional community speaking to them about the impact of bilingualism on their careers throughout the second week of February.
  7. We will be placing quotes in the announcements about recent research that backs the importance of being multilingual, so listen closely.  It could change your life!