As all foreign language teachers know, “culture” can be broken into three different areas: products, practices, and perspectives.  In Pre-AP Spanish II, after completing a TPRS story about an accident that occurred on a bus, we took on the larger task of viewing accidents that happened in the real world from the perspective of the people in that country.  First students chose from pre-determined articles from CNN en español and BBC Mundo.  Next, in groups, students deconstructed the articles to find meaning.  Lastly, we reconstructed the stories using our own words to form “Breaking News Reports”.  Here are some pictures showing how much fun we had with this activity!

news reports 1 news reports 2


Teacher’s reflection: We really had a lot of fun, and the students entered many new words into their vocabulary using these authentic resources.  I’m still trying to decide if it help our learning process or if it interrupted the flow of answering the essential questions set forth in this unit: How do you narrate past events? How do firefighters in Argentina and Chile compare with firefighters from the U.S?  What would you do in an emergency if everyone around you only spoke Spanish? 

Yes, creating the presentations and memorizing the lines was the same as narrating past events; but was it authentic communication?

What do you think?  Tomorrow is our summative assessment.  Hopefully this will tell the tale!