¡Feliz año nuevo a todos!

All Spanish classes hit the ground running this semester!  In Spanish 2 and Pre-AP Spanish 2 we are beginning our first TPRStorytelling units.  For more information, check out these great sites: benslavic.com and susangrosstprs.com. We have been busily building stories that will create lasting learning for the students!  Parents, be sure to ask your students to tell you about “un accidente en autobus”!


In Pre-AP Spanish III and IV we are exploring the theme of Beauty and Aesthetics. We began on Monday and Tuesday by discussing “What is beauty?” and taking an authentic look at beauty throughout the Spanish-speaking world.  We discussed the portrayal of beauty in People en español, we wrote a letter to the editors of People en español about their depiction of beauty, we listened to an author speaking about “what is beauty?”, we wrote a comparison and contrast of the Prado museum in Spain and the Museo Nacional de Mexico based on videos of the two museums.

Today we dug deeper into what specific things are beautiful.  Then we discussed how social pressure to be attractive affects people of all ages.  We finished it up by reading answers to a survey about beauty.


We are busy bees in Profesora Cochran’s Spanish class.  Soon we will have Discover Languages Month, speakers on Professions in the classrooms, and the State World Languages Competitions!  And then…our largest surprise EVER!  Pero tendrán que esperar…

Hasta pronto,

Profe C