This month has been a torbellino, but I will post updates soon!   If you can’t wait, check out my Facebook Teacher’s page!  “Profe Cochran’s Teacher Page”


For right now, let me explain to students some options for turning in your project on edmodo.  If you can’t upload from your phone or your video is too large, you’ll need to some how “publish” your video on the web.  Here are some publishing options:


2. (set to unlisted)

3.Google Drive- set me as a viewer

4. Profe Cochran’s Teacher Page (on Facebook, but know that this will be public)

Here is the most important step:

Copy the link and turn the LINK into edmodo.  This is so important!  This is the only way I can grade it when I’m away from my computer.

Email me if you have questions!