Nosotros de la Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica capítulo estamos muy felices a anunciar que tomamos parte en el Pulsera Project!

The SHH will be selling these beautifully hand-made bracelets through November 18, 2013.  All proceeds go directly to Nicaraguan families, women, and children in need to provide shelter, help with environmental projects, and micro-loans for education.  For more information check out their website:

The greatest thing about this is that our theme right now is Familias y Comunidades!  What a great way to celebrate family and community, and learn about families and communities in other cultures!




Find pulseras in T3 until 10/29 when you can find us at the Fall Festival.  After that you can buy pulseras at lunch or find an SHH student in the hallways!


Muchas gracias por su tiempo,

Profe C