¡Feliz primero de octubre!

This week in Pre-AP Spanish 2 we are writing emails to (real) students in Manizales, Colombia, to find out about their daily life, culture, customs, and etiquette.  Last week the students received an urgent message asking for help from someone who we figured out was named “Juan Valdez”.  The students did research and figured out that he was from Manizales, Colombia, and then they planned trips to go to Manizales! Parents, be sure to ask your students about the “passive voice with ‘se'” construction to learn a little more about what we have been doing.

Juan Valdez

In Pre-AP Spanish 3 we have watched “La leyenda del espantapájaros”  repetidas veces- repeatedly.  First we predicted by watching the cortometraje (short film) with no sound.  Then we watched and picked out past tense verbs.  Next, we created a timeline of the movie.  Currently we are converting the story into a dialogue and we will present tomorrow.  Last, we will discuss what things changed and stayed the same when we converted the story from narration to dialogue.

In AP Spanish Language and culture we are discussing what shapes a person’s values.  Ask an AP student about products and practices in Colombia that help shape Colombian perspectives!  Or view some of the students’ ideas here: http://apspanish2014.wordpress.com/ or here: http://apspanish4.wordpress.com/

Tenga un buen dia!

Profe Cochran