¡Saludos familia de VBHS!

I can hardly believe that we are already four weeks into the 2013-2014 school year.  In class, we have been learning all about each other using “Yo Soy” (I am), “Yo estoy” (I am-right now), and verbs like “Tener” and “Ir” to talk about our heritage and compare it with Latino/Hispanic heritage.  We have found that many of us HAVE Latino/Hispanic heritage, which deeply enriches our learning!

Parents, you may have heard your students talk about all of the technology we are incorporating into our learning. For starters, we are using authentic resources- resources from the real world which are intended for a non-Spanish-learner audience- to enrich our learning of the Spanish language.  When we do this, we not only learn what to say/write/how to read, but we also learn cool things like culture, new accents that we are not used to, and how similar and simultaneously different our culture is to/from hispanic culture.  We are also using technology to record ourselves speaking Spanish so that we can self-assess using our digital portfolios.  We record using iPods purchased with grant money from our AMAZING VBSD Education Foundation and we keep our digital portfolios on padlet.com.  The portfolios can be accessed by students only on our vbsd Moodle site; however, families, you should ask your own student to show you his or her digital portfolio.  They should have uploaded their video presentations and pictures of their “Yo soy” poems from the start of the year.  If I do say so myself, they are quite impressive!

In Pre-AP Spanish III we are using Edmodo to upload weekly adventures in the Spanish-speaking community here in our region.  Students choose from a wide variety of activities to complete and upload a report on the activities each week to score at least 3 points.  Students can complete extra activities and win a free week!  In class we are reading Spanish books from the library each day and exploring articles in Spanish over current events each week.

In AP Spanish IV we are navigating the new AP Spanish program: AP Spanish Language and Culture.  In this new program we explore Spanish within various contexts that fit within six themes: Contemporary Life, Personal and Public Identities, Global Challenges, Beauty and Aesthetics, Science and Technology, and Families and Communities.  Simultaneously, we are learning how to operate as a class embedded within a class. Keeping class blogs and using the textbook Temas by Vista Higher Learning is helping us to do this.

All of these changes are a lot to keep up with, but it is for the best.  We are proficiency-minded now; always looking toward becoming proficient and eventually fluent speakers, readers, writers, and thinkers of the Spanish language!

Hasta Pronto,

Profesora Cochran


¡Saludos familia de VBHS!

¡Casi no puedo creer que estamos en la cuarta semana de las clases! En nuestras clases nos hemos estado aprendiendo sobre todos nosotros empleando el uso de “Yo soy”, “yo estoy”, y verbos como “tener” y “ir”.  Los estudiantes latinos han trabajado en corregir su deletreo y acentos, también. Estamos comparando la cultura de los estados unidos a la cultura hispana, ¡y los estudiantes latinos añaden mucha información, ayuda, y sabor a la conversación!

Padres, sus estudiantes están utilizando mucha tecnología en nuestra clase.  Tal vez ellos les hayan contando nuestro trabajo en padlet, moodle, y edmodo.  Por favor, pregunténles a enseñarles a ustedes sus videos en los portafolios digitales de padlet.com. Son muy impresionantes, ¡desde mi punto de vista!

En Pre-AP Español III, usamos edmodo para reportar en aventuras semanarias- aventuras en inmersión en la cultura hispana.  Nuestros estudiantes anglo-americanos necesitan hacer el español parte actual de sus vidas; tambien los estudiantes hispanos necesitan reconectar con su herencia o aprender de otras herencias dentro de la cultura hispana.

En AP español IV estamos aprendiendo a escribir mejor y usar palabras más profundas para hablar de nuestros six temas: Identidades Públicas y Personales, Desafíos Globales, Familias y Comunidades, La Vida Contemporánea, La Ciencia y La Tecnología, y La Belleza y La Aestética.  A la vez estamos aprendiendo cómo navegar una clase en dentro de otra clase.  Lo hacemos por el uso del libro Temas por Vista Higher Learning y con nuestros Blogs de Clase (¡piden sus estudiantes a mostrarles a ustedes!).

Son muchos los cambios, pero es para mejor. Buscamos mejorar la destreza…

Hasta pronto,

Profesora Cochran